Three Leg Lock Entries That You Should Add To Your Game

Over the last year of training I have gotten more and more into the dark arts, AKA leg locks. A lot of people don’t think about these submissions especially if most people don’t do them at your club. Working leg locks opens a whole new dimension to your game. Like the great Dean Lister once asked John Danaher “Why would you ignore fifty percent of the human body?” The best part about becoming infamous in your local club for being ‘the leg lock guy’ is that people will start to underestimate the rest of your game and by defending their legs so heavily it will open them up to a whole host of other attacks. I’m a big believer of including leg locks in your game. So without further ranting about how much I love the leg lock game here are three leg lock entries that I have been working.

411 Entry From Open Guard

Whatever you call this position (411, honeyhole, saddle, inside ashi, etc.) It is one of the most powerful positions in Jiu Jitsu. You have so much control over your opponent, there are several submission opportunities and it is very difficult to escape. This is the position I am always working towards when I am working my leg lock game. In this video Kent Peters goes over how to get to 411 from open guard. I work several variations of this entry from a failed knee slice pass, De La Rive guard and a few other positions. This is a great entry and it has changed my game. I definitely recommend working on adding this to your game.

Ashi Garami From Single X-Guard

So this ones going to be a little bit different. I cant find a video depicting this entry so I’m just going to have to talk you though it. What can you do right. If anyone wants a video send me a message here or on my Instagram and I’ll be more than happy to do a video for you! So this is probably my highest percentage entry (That’s why I insisted on listing this one even without a video). I work a lot of X-Guard and Single X, So once I get to single X the first thing I look for is to sweep my opponent right into Ashi. This is a very simple sweep once you get to single X. All you need to do is grab the ankle, or pant on the leg that you don’t have the single X-Guard on. When you get this grip keep it controlled so they cant step back to base out, lift your hips and use your foot on their hip to push them up and back. Because you have the far leg controlled and the leg you have in single X is trapped they wont be able to step back and they will fall. Now all you have to do is keep your feet in the exact same position as they were in single X, your already in Ashi. Simple right? I love this entry and it works great for me. Once I get to Ashi I either work the straight ankle or I begin to work my way to 411 to have better control and open up more subs! Drill it and let me know how it works for you! Again if anyone wants a video just let me know!

411 Entry From Butterfly Guard

I’ve been doing this entry ever since I watched this video for the first time almost a year ago. I setup most of my game from the butterfly guard, I have a few different routes I can go down right from the start and depending on how my opponent reacts I have a few other paths at each step. This is the beginning of one of the paths I use. There are two reasons I love this entry so much. First it leads directly from my butterfly guard to 411 which as I said earlier is one of the most dominant positions you can achieve. The second thing I like so much is that even if this entry fails or falls apart halfway through I can almost always salvage X-Guard. From X-Guard I can then switch to single X and do the second entry in this article or go to one of the many other sweeps I utilize. This video Is from Bernardo Feria who posts lots of awesome technique videos with some of the best Jiu Jitsu competitors of all time. With Bernardo in this Video is Craig Jones who as most of you know is an amazing leg lock artist. Check out the video and let me know what you think!


Thanks for reading guys and girls! Working Leg locks into my game has revolutionized my whole system and it can do the same for you! Leave a comment letting me know what you guys think as well as ideas for future articles you’d like to see! Please subscribe and share, its a huge help. Thanks again for reading!

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