Best Christmas Gifts for BJJ Practitioners


Lets be honest, shopping for people durring the Christmas season is stressful. This is especially true if your shopping for someone who does Jiu Jitsu. If you don’t train yourself you don’t even know what kind of things your favorite Jiu Jitsu enthusiast would use or want for Jiu Jitsu. That’s why your here though, And we have the answers! Here are the best gifts that anyone you know doing BJJ will love!

Kingz BALISTICO 2.0 Gi

Kingz Balistico 2.0 Gi

The obvious choice for a gift is a Gi. If your doing Jiu Jitsu your going to need a Gi (Unless you do No-Gi exclusively of course but we will have something for these people as well!). You can never have enough Gi’s. I currently have five Gis and I still find myself constantly having to rush one of them into the washer and dryer each day to have it ready for class. If you are looking for a gift for your friends or loved ones a new Gi is the gold standard.

So what Gi should I get for them? Well I’m glad you asked! like I said I gave five Gi’s, all of them from different brands and the brands I don’t have I have at least borrowed and tried or rolled with people wearing one. Everyone tends to gravitate towards their own brand, for me that was Kingz. This was the Gi I started with and after trying a whole host of other brands I have settled on kingz and decided that from now on any new Gi’s I get will be from Kingz. Whenever someone asks me what Gi should I get I always recommend a Kingz Gi.

The Kingz BALISTICO 2.0 is the newest Gi from Kingz and is their flagship product this holiday season. I’m personaly hopeing for one, keeping my fingers crossed. This Gi is lightweight with a pearl weave top, ripstop pants and is made to the high standard that Kingz Gi’s are known for. If there was any Gi I would recommend for this holiday season this would be it!

Raven Fightwear Rashguard

Raven east meets west

I knew I needed to include a rashguard on this list, the question was just about what one. Any Jiu Jitsu practitioner your shopping for will love a new rashguard regardless of whether they do Gi or No-Gi.

So this is a little bit of a copout. Like I said I had to chose what rashguard to feature in this article. I thought about narrowing it down to one product but I couldn’t decide so I just went with a whole brand. Like I said kind of a copout but let me explain. Each of the rashguards from this brand are essentialy the same except for the design so the choice is very subjective for that part.

Raven Fightwear makes some of the nicest designs in Jiu Jitsu. The art that this brand puts out there is absolutely breath taking. Don’t just take my word for it though, look them up and you will see for yourself the vast catalog of designs that are available. One of the first rashguards I ever owned was a Raven and I’ve been hooked ever since. The product feels great and has a good fit. Anyone who is shopping for a new rashguard for themselves or for someone else should definitely consider this brand!

Venum Fightshorts

venum shorts

If you or the person your shopping for does No-Gi their going to want a pair of fight shorts. Having a good fitting pair of shorts is imperative to your Jiu Jitsu game. If your shorts restrict your movement or just don’t fit right they can slow down your movement and stop you from executing the sweeps, positions and submissions you are attempting.

One option would to be purchasing a matching pair of fightshorts from Raven Fightwear. This is a great option and works since they will match the rashguard you have from them. For me personally I like Venums fightshorts. They fit well, are light and they don’t restrict my movement.

There are many different designs that Venum has developed and several different types of shorts. I personally prefer a loose fighting pair of shorts that give me full range of motion. Have a look through Venums products and choose the design you like the best.

Defense Soap

defense soap

Ringworm and other skin diseases are a problem in any grappling sport, any sport for that matter. Unfortunately they are more common in grappling due to the close contact.

In order to protect yourself and your training partners from these skin diseases using a good antibacterial soap is key. Fortunately there are several company’s that make antibacterial soap for Jiu Jitsu and other grappling sports. Defence soap will make a great stocking stuffer for whoever your shopping for.

Datsusara Gear Bags

Datsusara Bag

Anyone training Jiu Jitsu needs a good bag to bring their gear to class in. Datsusara Bags are of the highest quality and have enough pockets for everything you take with you such as Finger Tape, mouthguard etc.

Datsusara bags are made from 100% hemp. This material is naturally antimicrobial. This is very important when your constantly throwing sweat soaked Gi’s and rashguards in it. If your using a regular cotton bag it can get funky very quickly. I personally have a Datsusara bag and have used it for years. I can attest to the quality and durability of this product. After years of heavy use (and by heavy I mean working a job where I carry the bag with me through the woods and on construction sites) this product only has light wear and tear. Datsusara Bags make a great Christmas gift. Just a side note, Datsusara makes several very high quality products including fight wear such as Gi pants! Check them out!


That’s it! here is your shopping list for your friends and loved ones who train Jiu Jitsu! No more wondering what to get, no more wondering if they would like this or what a Jiu Jitsu practitioner would even need. Get the products on this list and your friends/family  will be ecstatic on Christmas morning!

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